Who We Are…

All of our products are handmade in South Africa, they are inspired by anything that tastes insanely and mind blowingly AMAZING! We only believe in using the best that nature has to offer to provide you with exceptional natural skin care products. Our products are 98%-100% natural. Some products do contain skin-safe fragrance made from plant dried botanicals.

We take great pride and care to ensure each product meets our quality standards, thus providing you with the experience you deserve!

Our Promise

We consistently push boundaries by mixing new and wonderful flavours together to get the perfect combinations for you!

We love to listen to our customers advice and thoughts, in order to better our products, to bring new and better products to the market that are just too delicious to pass up! So feel free to let us know if you any any ideas we should try out that we haven’t already…

At Body Candy we strive and thrive on being a natural, green company that has a low carbon footprint.